Construction materials and construction waste transport special rectification work in our country

in accordance with the unified arrangements of the municipal government, since June this year, led by the Xining municipal administrative law enforcement bureau, the joint traffic police, environmental protection, construction and real estate and other departments to carry out a period of five months of centralized remediation. Through the renovation of city building materials and construction waste transportation management work standardization management in construction site, vehicle transportation supervision, to prevent further specification of road transit shed, dust pollution and other aspects, achieved success.

is a day to establish a collaborative system. The relevant departments of joint law enforcement, especially traffic police, construction, real estate sector to join the formation of law enforcement efforts to increase the intensity of joint supervision, and enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement. two is the perfect construction and demolition site supervision measures, established between construction permits, construction waste transport license for each Department filing system, to further strengthen the unit responsible for the capacity constraints. During the rectification, a total of more than 300 units of publicity visited construction site, filing 126, acceptance record 21 cross site backfill, the handling of construction waste transport license in 240, the city’s construction waste disposal standard monthly, municipal and district two urban management department to achieve centralized record. three is the first time on the construction of materials, garbage transport vehicles transport routes, time, speed, loading made clear requirements. The introduction of "on the strengthening of building materials and construction waste transport management notice", proposed to regulate the region limit, speed limit, limit load, line and other aspects of the requirements, all transport vehicles must complete documents, brand marks, the implementation of airtight transportation, for the daily management and operation standard. four is for violations, to carry out site inspections, day and night raids, the implementation of strict penalties to the person responsible for the violation responsibility, improve people’s awareness of the law. The vigil organized 76 times, check the demolition, construction site 79, ordered rectification site 68, investigate and deal with illegal construction at night to the site 19, standard construction site waste disposal behavior 347 times, and along the way to throw contaminated pavement behavior 237, 156 road vehicles mud soil, penalty of 320 vehicles (not cover removal time, and littering) 172.

Through the

to conduct a special rectification activities, to further strengthen the construction units and materials Zhatu transport unit environmental sanitation, standardized operation and safety consciousness, the phenomenon of illegal construction materials, sediment transporting, pollution overload environment is greatly reduced, but also provides valuable experience for the management of a construction site in the future period. (Editor: Guo Zhongling)


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