Huangzhong County tax bureau to change the style of work

January 28th, Huangzhong County Tax Bureau organized a practical work style change, improve the efficiency of the meeting. The meeting for the "West Sea Metropolis Daily" published in January 25th: "Huangzhong authorities sing" kongchengji "eat" the masses "article discuss cold-shoulder treatment", and make work arrangements.

one is always to improve the work style as a move to practice Scientific Outlook on Development to grasp, the unit to develop a corrective plan, clear the contents of the rectification, rectification time, corrective measures to ensure rectification in place.

two is from the tax law enforcement arbitrariness, tax service is not in place, whether or not damage the interests of taxpayers, whether or not it style four aspects of the analysis and rectification, the rectification results feedback to the taxpayer, the taxpayer to help solve practical problems, to ensure the rectification work carried out.

three is to consolidate the results of rectification from the system, and strive to achieve the right to manage the system. The current work mechanism will be revised and improved, and the work is being carried out in a down-to-earth manner. (author: Han Xiaoying)


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