20 years of entrepreneurship from abroad to return to business

in the last 20 years, the influx of countless Chinese Silicon Valley, trying to realize their entrepreneurial dreams here, but very few successful. When the domestic market gradually opened, the Chinese have chosen to go to the road of entrepreneurship in Shanghai.

Chinese in Silicon Valley twenty years of business success, for pure technology company. Although the influx of Chinese capital to finance is no longer difficult, but it can not bring the United States resources, cultural barriers difficult to impress the problem of U.S. investors always exist. U.S. market competition more standardized, but also more difficult to expand. Huge domestic market to attract entrepreneurs have chosen to return home.

twenty years California dream

In addition to the United States

if Chinese back in the United States successful entrepreneurial history, actually concentrated in the past twenty years. Sina is composed of four Tongli Fang and SinaNet two companies merged at the end of 1998, which is three Standford China SinaNet students founded in 1995.

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