The drug traffickers in Xiamen arrested fake rice bran

The harm of

drugs in society is self-evident, it led to the number of people on the path of self destruction? How many people lost money in? How many people have broken a whole family? To combat drug crime has become an important task of the public security department in china. Xiamen to understand, drug traffickers to disguise the drugs rice bran in Xiamen captured the event.

6 on Sept. 3, police found the AI and Huang Mouhua met in a hotel in Xiamen, after the meeting, he began to raise a lot of money. Police estimated that the two sides are likely to trade in the near future.

6 on Sept. 4, Huang Mouhua began to command his accomplices, open a van from Sanming to Xiamen, van installed five sacks, in addition to three sacks of rice bran is two, the other is the sack of ephedrine chloride. After learning this information, the task force immediately gathered strength to start preparing for its arrest.

"passers-by stared at Huang Mouhua and AI, a stranger to the highway ambush, tracking freight vehicles, a passerby tracking AI delivery personnel, there is a road as a mobile force." Police speculated that the two sides are likely to take the separation of people and goods transactions, Huang Mouhua and AI in the transaction cash, and two associates in the island of drugs.

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