Xining City North Mao Sheng Temple community warm harbor warm hearts

"sincere service, fine management, innovation and development" is the general idea of Xining City, north of the city to build the temple community. In July 25th, Qinghai network news media journalists who visited the place.

in the community, the reporter to follow the staff visited the reading room, Internet cafes, green elderly day care center, fitness club, Xinyu communication room, supermarkets and other service platform, see the penetration at any time within the community of civilized people health consciousness and modern life philosophy.


Mao Sheng Temple community nursery health room. Ben reporter Chen Yue photo

relevant person in charge told reporters, Mao Sheng Temple community area of 1.5 square kilometers, the total number of households, the total population of 14613 people, the community is located in the north of the City Bridge Street, No. 62. Total construction area of 1088.1 square meters. The total investment of 4 million 730 thousand yuan, of which: civil affairs departments of the provinces to invest 4 million 500 thousand yuan, 530 thousand yuan investment in community nursing home station community, community service center bond project investment 1 million yuan, the one-stop service of construction investment of 175 thousand yuan.

library reading room filled with scholarly. Ben reporter Chen Yue photo

it is reported that the community service center in accordance with the maximum area, community office area minimization concept planning and design, to a lot of space available to area residents, residents in all kinds of activities as the starting point, continue to meet the residents of fitness, health care, pension and other needs. The community set up a "one-stop" service hall, a party, civil affairs, labor and social security, family planning and other six public service window, office network, elderly day care center, record room, book (electronic reading room), supermarkets, convenience clinics, health care nursery room, police room, rehabilitation, automatic teller machines, such as the payment of individual residents affairs agency business, to provide convenient services for nearby residents.

Xinyu communication room, open the window. Ben reporter Chen Yue photo

Women are dancing in the

room. Ben reporter Chen Yue photo


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