Xining city in the next week to sunny

February 17th, a snowfall to Xining in the winter covered with a layer of snow, but the 18 day the city’s weather, precipitation. The same day, the author learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, with the end of the precipitation weather process, the next week the city no longer snow.

according to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued information, 17 PM to 18 am the snow I mainly concentrated in the Datong and Huangyuan two counties, including Datong County East gap monitoring station 4 mm of precipitation, snow depth of 5 cm, the snowfall is the biggest precipitation, snow area. Huangyuan County, China, Pakistan Yan, East gorge and other monitoring stations are more than 3.5 mm of precipitation, snow is also about 2 cm. At the same time, I see in Sina micro-blog, high-speed traffic police and its subordinate to the brigade will be the first time the various sections of the snow, snow, etc. in a timely manner to the users and the safety of the driver is released, the first time to provide traffic information.

in addition, according to the information released by the city meteorological station, the next week the city without precipitation, snow weather, the minimum temperature of minus 10 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature of about 6 degrees celsius. (author: Jin ran Wang Haie)

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