Zigong college students’ employment policy tactics

for some graduates who just graduated out of school, the funding problems start at the beginning of a problem, start at the beginning of the need to resolve at the same time, now governments are aware of this problem, providing loans and subsidies for college students.

number of subsidies

in business support, Rongxian through business subsidies, small loans subsidy assistance. For college graduates subsidies for full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning in college students or graduated 5 years unemployed college full-time graduates in Rongxian, through the industrial and commercial registration, the registration of the company, and small operators from industrial and commercial registration entity etc. its owners or owners of the operating profit network community for the record. Among them, the agricultural professional managers should be determined by the people’s governments at and above the county level and the normal operation of the Department, engaged in the scale of breeding in rural areas, as well as the establishment of "shop" should meet certain conditions. The amount of entrepreneurship subsidies are 10 thousand yuan.


for the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan

microfinance lending for college graduates in five years in Rongxian Province in Rongxian within the scope of business, apply for financial discount funds to support small guarantee for the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan. The application amount of 50 thousand yuan or more need to be provided by the county Party and government departments, financial institutions or institutions of the full funding of the vertical management of staff within the jurisdiction of the county to provide reverse guarantees to the staff of the two.

"just graduated from hand did not have much money, with this recommendation

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