Small business operators clever use of defects to do sales promotion

how to be able to make the shop to get consumers who believe that this is a large number of shopkeepers are thinking about the big problem. A few days ago, near the village opened a convenience store, when reporters after the "as long as you can pick the wrong, I dare to attract price advertising signs: the store is really gourd sell what medicine?

Welcome to

!" Reporter into the shop, smiling face of the boss on the warm greetings.

"boss, what is the meaning of the sign in front of the shop?" Reporter asked.

"ha ha, the store’s goods as long as you can pick out the problem, if it is a small flaw and does not affect the use, I will cut prices, if found to have a large quality problem, thrown on the spot, no longer sell. You are welcome to find ah!" The boss explained.

at this time, a sixty year old female customers came to settle the bill: boss, the iron pots in addition to the paper to write a scratch, here is also zoned a trail, then a dollar cheaper!"

reporter noted that the hands of the hands of the iron pot posted a handwritten note: there is a scratch, the original price of 12 yuan, the price of $2." Fresh! The boss had his "wrong"!

"I just moved here from other places, individual goods in some small knock a small touch, but does not affect the use, the price to sell. I can find flaws are marked on the note, if you can find other problems, you can also offer some concessions." The boss saw the reporter’s face a loss, explained. Finished, she pointed out the scratches in the customer carefully identified a bit, ha ha replied: "no matter how cheap a dollar! Aunt you have very good taste, so hidden places can see! Do you have anything else?"

"came a few times today, has picked a lot of it! I’m going to talk to the other neighbors." After closing the account, the customer left with satisfaction.

at this time, the shop has gathered a lot of people, everyone in the "fault zone" left out right choice, not for a moment, his hand picked up several things.

"the problem itself is marked out, hey, this shop is really selling things!"

when I came in the morning, I found a box of milk just today to the shelf life, the boss put the milk on the spot into the trash can. This shop is really good!"


a lot of items even if there are some small flaws, in fact, will not affect the use of goods. And listen to the customers "whisper"

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