Quanzhou city nternet plus entrepreneurial contest starts

nowadays college students’ entrepreneurship has welcomed, governments in order to help and promote the society of college students entrepreneurship, introduced many new measures, recently in Quanzhou City, launched the "Internet plus" College Students’ Entrepreneurship competition.

rewards to encourage students to entrepreneurship, you will be next? Reporters learned yesterday, to further build our city public business innovation, "a good social atmosphere, guide and encourage more students to start their own businesses, jointly organized by the city people club Bureau, Education Bureau and the Quanzhou Evening News" Internet plus "College Students’ entrepreneurship competition now start, end in mid December. The contest set rewards to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, the first prize will receive 100 thousand yuan bonus.

the Quanzhou city "Internet plus" College Students’ entrepreneurship competition will focus on enhancing students’ entrepreneurial awareness, stimulate the students’ creativity, cultivate "new public entrepreneurship, innovation", "Internet plus" to promote the development of new formats, service quality and efficiency of economic upgrading, create a good environment for college students, the government encourages entrepreneurship entrepreneurial work. The requirements of the project to the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other new generation of information technology and industry closely, have to cultivate new products, new services, new formats, new models based on Internet, and promote the integration of Internet and education, health care, community and other depth of the public service innovation project.

Quanzhou "Internet plus" entrepreneurial contest, you prove yourself! Contest for all students in the city of Entrepreneurship (including college students). College students in the form of entrepreneurial team, participants must be the core members of the entrepreneurial team, and served as legal representative, and the total investment of not less than 30% of the registered capital.

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