The most beautiful love University couples to give up studying together to raise chickens

The story of a couple of college students on the

online before the fire, they were ready to go abroad, but later abandoned, but chose with chicken, but the business is very good, how about, let’s take a look.

master teachers jointly

chicken lovers

At the end of

2010 years of college entrance examination, Sichuan Deyang 90 girls and boys wear Ying Peng classmate rain fell in love. In the rain, Peng admitted to the Southwestern University, in order to get together, good wear Ying examination, a year later admitted to the Sichuan native anomaly is located in Chongqing South University Institute of translation.

graduated from university last year, Peng rain, good effect of he students, postgraduate is a good choice, the rest have hired him on the spot to the farm, a monthly salary of 10000 yuan, dispose of housing results. Peng Yu instructor, said Peng rain clever effect is good, in the school scholarship, even if there is no opportunity to study the protection of the times, in the school of Wang Ling.

but none of the above is the choice of Peng rain. To help others do as well as their own dry, so you can also be together with his girlfriend." Peng rain on PubMed, nor to obligations, and put in Ying after discussion, he contracted a small farm about 50 acres in Zhongjiang County of Sichuan province Fuxing Town, at the end of the chicken life.

In order to

together, in June this year, graduating with a curious choice ying. There are 28 people wearing Ying class 3 group to study in france. Dai Ying of the monitor Chen Jia introduction said: "Dai Ying effect is very good, the French professional four." That is to say, Dai Ying just pleaded and intervention hofuku test, you can go to France to study. In order to let his daughter well study, wearing Ying’s father also has long been ready for tuition. But for two people the wish, insist on this opportunity with Ying, separated farm boyfriend.

Dai Ying said: "it is a chicken farm in the sales season, this time they will stay in the farm to a period of time and then go back to school to prepare for graduate thesis argument." As for going to France, Dai Ying did not tangle, "long to be good, the University of Zuye and he returned to Deyang chicken."


father to tuition fees when the venture capital funds

2014 spring farm construction, Dai Ying will be named "love clover" ecological farm, the name derived from the French word "Amour" meaning is consistent with the English "love".

entrepreneurship early, start the capital into embarrassing questions. In this regard, Peng rain is most grateful for his prospective father-in-law Fu fu. Dai Ying said: "my parents are very supportive, put the money for me to go to France to study hard saved out let us start."


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