Join the selected SS pie pie

pie has been a very popular investment project, many people have joined the pie shop idea, but do not very understanding of the brand, so has been stuck in the joint brand selection. Xiaobian joined the SS brand pie is a good choice. As the SS catering subsidiary of the pie pie SS well-known brands, both in product strength or market visibility, have a huge competitive advantage, in addition, a perfect franchise chain brand, to join the SS pie a lot of support and help! So how to join the SS pie?

joined the SS pie? What conditions do you need? How to join? Look at the following simple introduction:


pie joining conditions:

The development prospect of

1, identity SS pie, is to seek long-term development business philosophy.

2, recognize and accept the "business philosophy and mode of operation of the headquarters of the SS pie".

3, with the necessary shop area, to meet the requirements of the headquarters area.

4, the management of the store can maintain the heart of the input, can accept the continuous promotion training. 5, good business reputation and business ethics.

6, there is a certain financial strength, access to legitimate funds, good financial credit.

7, a legal person or natural person with legal business qualification.

8, willing to participate in the SS training and accept the pie headquarters management headquarters.

joined the SS pie process:

1, through the official website to understand the project

2, headquarters investigation franchise

3, submit an application to join

4, headquarters audit through

5, headquarters unified training

6, site decoration

7, shop trial business

8, the official business

The above is the

SS pie this brand franchise and introduce the joining process, of course if you join the brand investment interest, please give us a message on our website below, see the message after we will arrange our work.

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