Luxury yacht ten brands list

has been a lot of things with the accumulation of wealth now people have entered into the thousands of households. Especially in twenty-first Century, the situation of the development of Chinese economy attracted worldwide attention, with the quality of life are constantly rising, people began to pursue a higher grade, higher quality of life style, yacht sports for people gradually understand. Among the many yacht brands, what are the top ten yacht brands? We may wish to come to know the luxury yacht brand list ten.


luxury yacht brand ranking NO1- azimut Azimut

Azimut yachts as

Azimut on behalf of the world’s leading luxury yacht brands and Italy’s top yacht sales, year round to maintain a comprehensive global ranking. Azimut whether it is sports boat flying bridge yacht or fashion classic, its design and production represents the global trend, both in Europe and Asia by selling.

luxury yacht top ten brand NO2- Beneteau Beneteau

Beneteau group is the world’s first sailing manufacturer, is also one of the world’s largest manufacturer of power boats. As the world’s leading ship maker, Beneteau group has been active in China since 2005. Beneteau group has set up its Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai to promote the popularity of Chinese sailing and power boats and to promote the Beneteau group’s brands.

luxury yacht top ten brand NO3- PERSHING Pershing

Pershing (PERSHING) is one of the Italy Ferretti group’s nine brands, although it is only 20 years of history, it inherited the fine tradition of Europe and the Italy yacht, with its unique design, speed and shape of his noble.

luxury yacht ten brand list Princess Princess


The famous

Princess yacht yacht maker (Princess) was established in 1965, the headquarters is located in the main city of the west coast of Plymouth, there are 5 bases, a total area of nearly 1 million square meters, has 71 points of sale in the world, with annual sales of 400 ships. Luxury yacht industry is one of the world’s most famous companies, its products are sold in Europe and the United States and cities.


luxury yacht brand ranking NO5- Wally Wally


Wally is the leading global advanced large composite yacht makers, is a typical representative of the brand in the luxury yacht. The excellent technical development of the Wally program can improve the navigation experience: more rapid, more simple and safer.

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