Ten steps to start the venture

for many people in the business before the need to do a series of preparations, at the same time, now social entrepreneurship has become very common, especially for some novice entrepreneurs who, in the beginning you need ready.

How to find the

business model

, how to establish the business objectives of

How do you make the 3

business principles

in the creation of the company, you should not always think what time can receive the results. Today has not made money, will not make money tomorrow? In the face of very hard work, you will feel unhappy. The first venture, entrepreneurs make money will be relatively high expectations, the second venture will not be the case. But every time you need to support entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

4. How to start planning steps

, how to create business conditions

How to determine the duration of

How to deal with the

sp; many entrepreneurs feel that their share of the company’s shares should be 99%, investors should be 1%. This idea is not right for venture capital. Entrepreneurs and investors are usually the best half of the equity. Entrepreneurs to find investment, half of the shares to investors, if need more investment, entrepreneurs in the shares held by the company will be less and less, but this does not mean that you have less money, because the value of the company will be more and more high.


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