This is only one new market

this name is a very attractive, let alone really want to open the door to do business, the following Xiaobian bring you such a special example, so that you really appreciate this opportunity.

: investment risk

1. to ensure the diversity of clothing, the price can not be too low, which is not acceptable to all customers. 2 the pressure of competition, the more similar pavement.

1. Guangzhou young people prefer Japanese and Korean style clothing, more consumer base. 2 with respect to the high price of brand-name clothing, "this one concept is distinct, and relatively cheap.

both design and purchase


as the authentic Guangzhou local people, Miss Guo’s family of three live sweet as honey, she over the years has been focused on the identity of the idle housewife. However, the child grew up, nearly ten years old, Miss Guo also think it should go back to the community to find some opportunities to achieve their own, the idea of a small business immediately.

choose industry did not charge her much time, Miss Guo is the biggest specialty of costume design. Guangzhou can be a wide range of clothing, where to start? She thought that the Japanese and Korean style is the most popular style of clothing for young people in Guangzhou, from then on, should not be wrong. Through market research found that, similar to the shop too much, how can I catch up from behind?

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