With the strong competition but also to have good store development

if your neighbor is strong in the industry, you open a similar shop nearby, you feel in your shop will have a business? No doubt, with such a strong neighbor, the competition is fierce, but really do not help the development of the store? I do not think so, because such shops can often bring a lot of traffic, which will undoubtedly be of great help to the development of the store.

recently, with an old friend. When he chatted with his retail business, he told me: "I’m not going to do it.".

it’s a big surprise to me. Because he was in the prime spot of a bazaar, the two houses were paid only twenty-four thousand of the annual rent. It is a pity that such a superior position.

I asked him why he didn’t do it himself He smiled and said: "you know, my left and right sides are the town’s most famous two supermarkets, and they compete for tourists, I do not have capital."

I remember. I went to the shop a year ago. His shop is two large supermarket customers caught in the middle, a deserted house. Several salesperson choose a quiet place to chat to pass the time. The newly appointed manager in the blues about a. All employees including the owner and manager are considered, and if this shop adjacent two large supermarket competition, only a dead end.

I shop at

for a while, found the problem: a few employees only all the relatives of the boss, and the lack of effective management; commodity classification and placement is not professional, also not bright enough; although the commodity price tag, but as long as the customer Kanjia, immediately "good talk", indicating that there is none space; hired manager older, although work experience, but the apparent lack of business management experience. There is one detail: Kim Mai Lang Black Tea on the packing box against the lottery was torn off the boss, it left an impression to the customer: profiteers goods.

I still remember when I talked to my boss about my business. I said: you always think about two big supermarket robbed your business, this view is wrong. Two big supermarkets in competition with you at the same time, but also to bring you an unexpected flow of people, you do not want to think about how to attract these people flow?

I give him a few methods are: first, to learn from the supermarket, learn their management methods and sales experience. Two is to improve the quality of the waiter, whether relatives or friends, can not adapt to the work of all dismissed. Three the most critical point, the idea of trying to attract traffic. Although before the customer is not good to your shop, but you must create the opportunity to change the customer opinion. This can be opened from the early night to close the door, the supermarket is not flexible in this regard.

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