9 monkeys flew out of the picture is very funny naughty monkey

9 monkey fly around the monkey mountain, there are twenty-four hours of "security", there is no need to worry about security issues. And a naughty monkey is very funny, run, jump, jump and leap, picture like back to nature.

Yuantong Zoo in Kunming city

is interesting, in the collective escape process, there are many monkeys did not seem to grasp the essentials of the action, it may be not enough power, fly into the air and fell off in the cross ditch.

"these monkeys are before stocking, so temper wild, some more naughty." Kunming City chief of Yuantong Zoo animal management department to update the population, ponderosa, Yuantong Zoo from Guizhou Guizhou Lingshan introduced more than and 30 monkeys, put them on the day before the. Unexpectedly, because they do not adapt to the new environment, the monkeys are fled, looking for the new world of their own "".



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