Business gifts are also prone to trouble

to buy things to send some gifts, this is the current many shops would do, but many customers also directed to these gifts, but it does not mean that these gifts will play a role, on the contrary, some customers are not satisfied. One day, a customer come to my shop to buy two boxes of cigarettes, I knew better tobacco use, he handed a lighter. "I didn’t buy a lighter." The customer said.

I think that customers will be happy: "you buy two boxes of cigarettes, a lighter I free." I smiled. The customer is not to regard it as right "I myself lighter are impossible, I want you to be free." It is the 5 hair lighter customers are not satisfied, too bad gifts. "The same, are the same lighter." I smile. "Your lighter at least I can’t be, people ask for voluntary gifts, when other people’s faces when you send this to send it, the customer is under the bad property……" I was shocked, give away things, asking for.

accept the lessons of the past, in the promotion of business in this regard, no longer no reason to throw gifts in front of customers. Our business is to sell goods, gifts for improving business volume of trump card, with more than 90% customers are gifts to the consumer, the customer is not the gifts of no use, as long as there are gifts of all kinds of goods, can choose to accept wild with joy. Sometimes, customers do not know whether to buy their own goods is required, that is, in order to scrape together enough money to get gifts.

gifts sometimes get into trouble. Gifts not only to the quality and quantity, but also the credibility of gifts than goods. If you do not use the store gifts, your store owner’s reputation is worse than your store’s merchandise, without doubt, the purpose of losing promotional gifts. The gifts returned not to mention it, who find the trouble who died.

as a business in our shop, the proper use of holiday gifts to some consumers, stimulate consumption is not yet available; if there’s a commonplace talk of an old scholar, tired of feeling; how to better play the role of gifts, gifts that can attract the attention of customers, it is to set up a shop owner how can the customer subject, to create a positive shopping environment, integrity management, enthusiastic service concept. Gifts also give customers the right to choose. Customers can be or not, any customer can choose the price of commodities, nearly expired, absolutely can not make gifts……

gifts, which for the current number of shops is a very common thing, and many times, these gifts will also enhance the sales of store products. After all, gifts is a kind of management method, how to use is the key; we want to gain the "brick", not "improper use of his own petard". Can not think that customers are like to take advantage of the old lady’s consumption cycle. From now on I in front of the poster wrote "this shop over 50 yuan, a gift shop, optional price of goods, when >

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