Do catering as love to find their own food

do catering industry need to do? With the development of food and beverage industry is very good space, then do the catering industry how to choose? In fact, do catering as love to find their own food". Let’s get to know.

A, the Internet makes the catering industry more rapid iteration

Internet reduces the level of information transmission, provides the possibility for the consumer demand for direct feedback to all aspects of the supply chain, and ultimately improve the iteration speed of the whole industry.

two, do catering, to do the "group" concept of

in the future

now catering enterprises not only for one person to serve, not to serve all the people, but the precision of services of a group.

personal and everyone is wrong, only a few people do business can not be bigger, and the face of all the people are unable to focus.

to focus only on a core group, in order to make the restaurant service products, corresponding crowd demand characteristics to find the exact direction.

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