A good location is the key to select retail stores

in our minds, if you want to open a good shop, the factors involved are very much, in the end what is more important, people simply can not distinguish between. Xiaobian here stressed that good to open retail stores, but the key to find a location. For retail stores, almost all of the success or failure are from the choice of location.

in the customer advocate the facilitation of the times, "wine is not afraid of deep alley" business philosophy is already far cannot adapt to the development of the times, of course, the shops in prime position for the rent will be greatly improved, but as long as the operations properly, the payoff is very considerable. To find a location, I think the open terrain is preferred. The location should be avoided in the street back alley traffic inconvenience, because the place is very easy to cause the traffic jam. So, to choose a good location.

in the residential area in front of the open area or traffic arteries on the side of the village

because this is the flow of people is relatively concentrated, many pedestrians, easy to stop the purchase of goods, here at the same time, residents of the community or village concentrated consumer worries about the source.

site targeted

to do. In selected locations, must choose the content according to the business address. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Consumers have a "liveliness" of consumer psychology, the more people place more they love to ride, especially some clothing stores, small supermarkets, the best opening in the shops of commercial street, because here although there is competition, but the large flow of people, customers have to buy, is popular in order to have type.


should be backed by a good shade tree

is to use a number of hypermarkets, the popularity of large venues to drive their own sales. To do this, the location of the retail store must first be close to the place where people tend to congregate. Such as theatres, parks, large entertainment venues, schools near or around the enterprises and government departments that from this population closer, the greater the chance of sales, shop in this kind of place, one can attract the entry of pedestrians, on the other hand is easy to make customers remember this shop location, achieve sales.

traffic must be convenient

this is also important to consider the location of the problem. Good location where one is at the bus station next to the site, the greater the point closer business advantage; two is the best located on the main road, the local people flow, people to drive to easily achieve sales, but should pay attention to avoid the shop the election in the closed road on the side, because although people here to drive, but the vast majority of people are unable to stop.

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