Analysis on the management strategy of the whole furniture store

if you want to improve the overall furniture store operators to increase profitability in the store, you can learn a lot. What are the important aspects of the specific need to focus on it? This is a new thing is very confused. Xiao Bian finishing a few points, hoping to help you find the right direction of investment, the success of harvesting profits.

product management

1, familiar with the function and structure of the product, the size of the excavation of each product selling point.

2, joined the whole furniture chain store products, there will be some gap, so the general not to remove or dismantle the exhibition samples, to make up for the first time in the future.

3, the store does not display other factory products.

4, joined the overall furniture chain store layout has been carefully designed by the factory professionals and decoration designers, so the chain must be arranged in accordance with the factory to decorate the layout of the store.

5, the timely processing of products: the person responsible for the chain store should carefully observe the trend of each product, once the "slow" situation, we must analyze the reasons, and to take decisive measures in a timely manner.

price management

furniture is not the necessities of life, for most consumers, the price is very sensitive, plus the whole furniture retail market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, so you have to have a good management on the price: reasonable price level; every week special offer.

personnel management

The core problem of

management is "people", different people will make different performance, this is All the world knows..

1, the first salesperson to have good spirit, temperament and affinity, to make the customer to produce a sense of trust; this is the beginning to do sales work.

2, the number of personnel allocation should be reasonable.

3, the necessary training for employees.

4, love the product, the customer’s staff. Good at capturing customer psychology, dispel customer concerns: in the sales process, to be good at capturing customer psychology, and completely dispel customer concerns.

exhibition management

to keep clean and tidy, thoroughly and well Exhibition "consolidation, cleaning and cleaning work. To bright lights: always keep the exhibition lights bright, don’t always no one, go off, to recommend

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