2015 Guangdong Youth nnovation and entrepreneurship competition underway


business has become a mainstream phenomenon in society, and many of them are active in the city held a series of youth entrepreneurship competition, and for the majority of young entrepreneurs are a good platform for entrepreneurs, promote their entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

10 on Sept. 14, 2015 Guangdong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship contest the semi-finals officially kicked off in Foshan, hundreds of senior tutor organizers carefully invited and mysterious large coffee have appeared, with training and entrepreneurship salon for players Ariadne, today and tomorrow, 160 projects from around the province and the team will be after fierce competition. Finally produced 14 projects into the finals.

it is reported that the Guangdong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition is the largest of the highest level of innovation and entrepreneurship competition, is the second this year, jointly organized by the 18 Bureau level units, more than and 40 companies / venture capital support, 2 billion bank credit support, the province more than 10 well-known big coffee +  senior level business rookie help fusion, "government circle", "investment circle", "media" and "capital circle", "mentor circle" and "five circle", bigger, stronger and more influential lineup. The contest started since August, the province’s nearly 3000 outstanding projects to enroll, after the preliminary screening, selection of collegial, nearly 160 projects into the semi-finals.

society such youth entrepreneurship contest, to attract more young entrepreneurs to actively participate in, but also in time this time found some entrepreneurial talent, make contribution for the economic development of the whole society.


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