Also need to remind the acquaintance of debts

shop to do business, debt is a very normal thing, almost every store will encounter on credit. In general, the owner can give credit, basically is the shop regulars, either their own acquaintances. However, credit is easy, not easy to ask for payment. In addition to a variety of situations, some acquaintances did not pay back the money, you may forget, this time also need to do to remind owner of nature.

recently a friend of mine called me to give him a call. The end of last month just to give him 50 yuan recharge, at noon the same day work money will be sent to friends, a few days later, he called me to give him 50 yuan recharge. But every day in recent days pass by my shop is not prepaid 50 yuan bill. The day before yesterday at noon, my friend from work and passing my shop, the car just stopped, husband to me crying: your friend is not to send the recharge 50 yuan ah, but it did not, with my friends about a good while, still did not mention to.

this morning, my friend called me and said, give me 30 yuan. By the way I mention, there are a few days ago to recharge 50 yuan, the total amount is eighty yuan, did not expect, it has not yet finished, friends said to me, the day of work at noon, I will give you money, I give one hundred yuan, you gave me fifty yuan. Hung up the phone, I really do not want to recharge his calls, but my husband said to me: "give him a full charge, this afternoon, he will definitely send money to work." In this way, I added 30 yuan to a friend.

then start monitoring. I would like to recharge the second surveillance video call to see, give him recharge calls that moment began to see, has been seen in the afternoon, did not see the video to send money to friends. Then I started to call my friend’s first video. Friends at noon is usually 11:30.

so I began to call out from 11, at 11:30, when the work is indeed a friend sent a $50, to give the one hundred to find $50. It can be concluded that the friend will first impression is second times as to pay back the money, that is to say second recharge account he has completely forgotten, after all, between the two recharge every few days. And halfway through my time, he did not impress me a debt.

did not expect, at 11:30 on time, a friend came. I will book out to him, he said he had no memory of the second call I recharge things. Just remember the first recharge. I turn on the computer before the 2 recharge records to look at a friend, then he remembered that there is indeed a phone recharge, but did not send money to send me he is not a little impression.

I said I have a monitor here, from the day you recharge until now

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