The 2016 nternational Forum on innovation and entrepreneurship wonderful not to be missed

for innovation and entrepreneurship believe that each person’s point of view is not the same, many successful people in the public to communicate with each other’s point of view, to bring the audience is absolutely wonderful. Therefore, the 2016 International Forum on innovation and entrepreneurship is absolutely not to be missed.

3 on the afternoon of 7 may, a collision of ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship International Forum held in our school library hall. From the United States, Sweden and Chinese incubator operation management and risk investment experts at the forum, summarizes experiences and lessons at home and abroad incubator operation management and innovation and entrepreneurship education, discussed in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship education Chinese university how to better face the challenges and opportunities, realize the benign and healthy development.

branch of China Merchants Group Co President Liu Jijun introduced by the University of the group of "basic project" (i.e., fund, building base, Hing Foundation) "the implementation of the" science school of entrepreneurship "as the core, system innovation and entrepreneurship habitat to build the teachers in the school, the micro Silicon Valley built at the university will, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship incubator, venture capital three links to form a closed loop, to build the University, government, leading enterprises of the" double "new ecology.

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