What are the advantages of toilet advertising

now the market is so many business opportunities, we will choose one of the business opportunities, naturally because of its various advantages. So, what are the advantages of toilet advertising? Let Xiaobian for your detailed analysis.

1, high repetition rate

people in the toilet every day there will be 5 to 10 times, so the toilet ads repeated reading is a high rate of other advertising media is difficult to match.

example: public toilets wooden door into a literary salon, a large number of participants.

2, with a cordial

toilet between the compression of the emotional distance between people; to promote the fastest speed of the crowd on the scene of the toilet advertising resonate, help to form the final consumption.

3, low cost

as a new advertising media, the current advertising in the toilet, most of the time does not charge.

4, active strong

people are usually very boring at the convenience of the toilet, there is a strong, subconscious visual needs, the emergence of advertising images naturally become the center of the vision, so the higher the degree of acceptance of advertising.

example: small ads on the phone number, the owners are often harassed.

but experts also remind you that the current domestic toilet advertising is crudely made workshop products, which makes people have a strong sense of rejection, that has been subjected to pressure, so entrepreneurs to invest in advertising projects need to pay attention to the cultural taste of the toilet.

5, scores more public

the best part of the world is not in the elevator, but in the bathroom. Because, regardless of from the have to see, or from the point of view of men and women, the toilet more than the public at the mouth of the public more points, more distinct.

first, Restroom and natural focus, like breast, razors and other sex related products, can be targeted here, especially hidden more products or services, such as sanitary towels, condoms "and" breast "etc..

secondly, different places of the bathroom is also facing different groups of people. By choosing a different bathroom? For example, gas stations or opera, advertisers can easily put their information aimed at different gender, age and income levels of the audience. At this point, did not lose in the present public.

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