Knowledge necessary to start a business loan

today’s business, almost no businesses can fully rely on their own funds, loans become a commonplace thing, but the business before the loan case, what procedures, a lot of people are not clear, then, Xiao Bian will explain to you one by one.

A, business loans

Apply to prepare

1, repayment method optimization (quarterly interest rate, maturity debt);

2, the use of the loan is not limited (can be used to fund turnover, purchase, buy a car, decoration, tourism, education, etc.)

3, the loan amount is large, the time is fast, short process;

4, can advance owing on the loan, no liquidated damages;

5, the loan period is long, the procedure is fast and simple;

6, convenient and fast, the credibility of the first

two, mortgage

1, store or customer consultation: the main content is whether the loan, loan amount, time, interest rates, fees, etc..

2, credit inquiry: after consultation with the intention of the loan must be provided by the borrower, the borrower’s name and identity card number to check credit records.

3, the borrower is required to collect customer data: basic information provided: couples ID card, account of the marriage certificate, proof of income, bank water, proof of assets (house, car, savings, stock funds, etc.), the source of repayment (rental income.

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