Open a barbecue shop upfront investment budget to help you quickly shop

A restaurant

a year now the four seasons are welcomed by the people is actually a barbecue, and now want to open a barbecue shop, you need to make some shop budget work in advance, so that we can successfully set up shop.

basically in a 20 square foot store calculation, or gear form, basically 20 square investment of about ten thousand even if good. The facilities can include barbecue stove, refrigerator, display cabinet, the owner of a personal assistant, two or three person, to obtain health permits first, some people because of financial risk tolerance, not so much money into the store, also can do the flow form, make mobile vendors to the streets, schools, night market stalls, such investment it is not great.

finally remind entrepreneurs, early barbecue shop, we suggest that the rental shops do not exceed 100 square meters, a step back is that you do barbecue night market food stalls, the annual profit can reach 7-12 million, this is the taste of food is king, when you use your barbecue flavor and characteristics to win customers well, plus your careful management, you can imagine the business can never go wrong.

when you have done the barbecue shop budget work, then your entire shop also will become more simple, and make a recommendation system

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