The analysis of open hydroponic flower shop situation

modern people pay great attention to the quality of life, can be seen from the interior decoration. Many people began to build the right Home Furnishing decoration hydroponic flower products, from here, the market demand is very huge, but also in expanding. The need to invest much money to open hydroponic flower shop? Need to pay attention to what issues? Come and see if you want to figure it out.

location is decided the first element of the success of entrepreneurship. Manager Ding erudite in the location: "open hydroponic flower shop. Must be in a large flow of people, but it is best not to choose the prime location, the cost is too high. In addition, you can choose a more concentrated, higher grade residential areas, residents need to be more than 3000."

A, waterflower

1 ornamental strong. The fish products have red flowers and green leaves, above, below the roots of drift, fish swim in water.

2 free combination. All kinds of flowers can be like flowers as free water combined training. Long term growth. Form fine art. If several waterflower together can form "dragon and phoenix", "happy couple".

3 clean hygiene. Hydroponic flowers grow in the clear water, no dirt, no application of traditional fertilizer, do not breed bacteria, virus, mosquito. No smell.

4 easy maintenance. Save time, save time, money and worry.

5 regulates climate. The room placed hydroponics or hydroponic culture of ornamental vegetables. Indoor and outdoor air humidity can be increased.

6 air purification. Hydroponics leaves can release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Flowers release their own unique fragrance. Let the fragrant life everywhere.

7 functional gardening. Hydroponics with unique way of life, can become the water landscape garden tourist attractions.


content management

three, prerequisties

1 upfront investment. Store rent and decoration is one of the big head. There are also the first purchase and liquidity. However, the size and location of the initial investment depending on the size and location of different. But according to the calculation of the minimum rent housing "3000 yuan and store size at least 10 square metres of words, upfront investment to 40 thousand yuan. In addition, if you choose to join the operating mode. Also need to increase the cost of joining and ensure recommendation

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