Hangzhou 6 entrepreneurial characteristics of the town launched a new plan for the new year in 2016

is currently in the construction of the characteristics of the business incubator base, how to achieve effective integration of entrepreneurial resources and local resources, each entrepreneurial space are trying to solve the problem. 6 characteristics of the town of Hangzhou in this regard as the goal of planning a business plan for the 2016.

Yichuang town of

yunqi town

last October Yunxi conference, 20 thousand people gathered the appearance of the new town Yunqi International Conference center. Wait until the fall, you will find that the town has changed.

Park changed. Located in the mountain road head carp Hill Park will be turned into a set of science and technology, culture, sports, leisure, outdoor display in one Yunxi park. Set up walking trails, exercise leisure sports facilities; add 78 parking spaces in the underground parking lot. You create a tired tired, around the circle a step, full of energy to continue refueling.

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