How to use the upper space

a store space is very large, if you can make good use of the store will have a very big help. This has also been recognized by numerous operators, however, many people will use the store space, but it is easy to ignore the upper space, resulting in waste. So, how to use the upper space?

The process of

in the shop to engage in business in the US counterparts have many people are obsessed on shelf display, counter arrangement, and ignore the upper space within the store, so that this part of the resources have lost, unfortunately. In fact, the upper part of the store space is an article to do. Effective use of them, so that consumers can better understand the commodity information, store promotional information and business services, etc., so as to better promote sales.

stores in the upper space, is a good advertising carrier, if there is a discount store, the arrival of new products, the supply of goods, such as promotional information, can use this space to pass. The use of the upper space of the store, can put these leaflets with wire hanging, which can beautify the shop and make the customer to receive more information, to stimulate consumer desire to buy.

in the suspension when these leaflets, should pay attention to five points: one is to pay attention to and store atmosphere of harmony, it is best to form bright contrast, to minimize the use of black and white paper as the background; the second is not too large volume of suspension, prevent the suspension affects the customers to choose goods, watch the product line of sight.

The third is the

suspension is not too much to prevent the upper space to the customers to pressure, influence the customer shopping desire; the fourth is the commodity information must be positive guidance, can not be overstated, avoid customer complaints; fifth is the suspension is not less than the minimum height of the human body, on the one hand to prevent the occurrence of accidents, but also convenient customers walk.

if you are a store operator, before the store for the upper part of the space has been ignored, then, with a small series of such an article, now you know how to pay attention to it? In short, the full use of the upper part of the store space, may have a very big promotion to your store business oh.

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