The most entrepreneurial ideas how to become rich

How many people now have

constantly searching for ways to think about the creation of a wealth of the fortress, in essence, want to start the idea, then Xiaobian then discuss it together with you.


1) millions of dollars website want to accomplish great cause,

before the website was born, I am afraid of most people, the idea of listening is stupid, who do you want to buy? But at the age of 21 young people in the concept of the invention has become a millionaire, his 1 million pixels in a very short period of time all sold. Now there are a lot of people imitating.

2) santa letter

pretend you are from the letter, pretend you are Santa Claus, for children to write and send a Christmas gift. Of course, these children’s parents to pay, 10 yuan a. Listen and act like a joke, but they have already sold 200 thousand.


) laser monks

4) antenna ball


goggles for dogs

6) and dating AIDS patients

With a

these ideas are all particularly stupid, seemingly very stupid, but also the achievements of many millionaires.

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