Theft Liu Tao thief was sentenced to regret theft

last year, China popular actress Liu Tao went to Denmark, but the occurrence of theft, fortunately, with the help of friends, to find the lost property. Yesterday, foreign media reports, theft Liu Tao thief was sentenced and regret. Because, for themselves or their families, the theft can not do.

2015 in December 7th, actress Liu Tao at micro-blog for help, said he lived in the hotel room safes and luggage stolen, there are 4 million of the value of the jewelry watches and a small amount of cash, "the stolen insurance box! It’s horrible! Ask help! Until now the police did not arrive." In addition, Liu Tao also drying out of the hotel room card. Reporter then linked to Ms. Cao Cao Liu Tao broker, the other said: the matter is being negotiated with the parties."


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