The return of the family needs to be treated with enthusiasm

as long as the shop is sold in kind, basically will encounter the phenomenon of return, which is easy to operate on the road encountered a problem. So, how to face the customer’s return, naturally became a lot of shopkeepers worry about the problem. Here, Xiao Bian recommended the majority of operators who, in the face of the return of the family, we also need to be treated with enthusiasm.

supermarket has been open for many years, what kind of customers can meet. One of them is called the return of the family, these people buy the goods, because of various reasons and return the goods, so we used to call these people return". These people can not be underestimated, they will not only affect the image of the supermarket, but also may bring new troubles to the supermarket.

at noon that day, a woman holding a morning just bought cans angrily broke into the supermarket. I see this posture, don’t feel right. So, I immediately stepped forward and greeted her warmly and see my passion, the woman is not too loudly said: "if you look at the goods, a few months, almost expired, how to sell ah?" I couldn’t argue with her when I saw her anger. Although this can be a few months, but after all, did not expire, since there is no expired, I sold her is normal, I did not violate professional ethics.

but if you argue with her, she will not only be more angry, but will also affect other customers. So, I smiled and said to her: "sister, I blame this matter, I did not remind you. Could you look for a bottle of it, if you do not love, I will give you a refund!" My passion made her feel embarrassed at once, and she said, "then you can change me a bottle of date."!"

I changed her a bottle, but smiled and sent her away. Although some of her unruly, but I have enthusiasm to treat her, it’s always been my business principles. On the second day, she bought a lot of things at home, and later became my home". Through this thing, I was filled with a thousand regrets.

now a lot of shopkeepers see someone to return will be very unhappy, the tone will naturally become poor, it is very easy to lose a customer. In fact, in the face of these "return", we should have more patience and enthusiasm, absolutely can not go. If that is the case, not only will these "returns" not come again next time, but will also affect other customers and their emotions

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