Walnut shell with letinous edodes production is estimated at 6 million yuan

today, there are opportunities everywhere in rural areas, farmers began to get rich, below, with Xiaobian a look at it. The pecan letinous edodes, cut the rice planting Stropharia, abandoned mulberry, peach, corn cob, Jiao Baiye received to cultivate black fungus, mushroom, Pleurotus geesteranus…… The same land, the same resources, in a magical way to start a new cycle. This is a waste of the dream, is also a new agricultural development dream, two dreams become a vivid reality with the power of science and technology.


a treasure   dream; walnut shell can letinous edodes

"one year, say to my house to help pick pecan workers in Anhui did not come, ask, say to go to letinous edodes. Pecan income is not low, letinous edodes will have a better income?" Shuai Shenghang is very curious, went to Anhui to learn.

in a turn, the heart bottom. He found that letinous edodes’s market is very good, Ling’an walnut annual production of more than a month, can consider the development of sideline. The most important thing is, when you see the basic material for breeding letinous edodes, Laoshuai eyes bright.

"letinous edodes special accessories in addition to cultivation, also need to use sawdust, sawdust for high density, not easy to decay, this feature is not very like Pu with walnut shell?"

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