Ali cloud joined the double 11 promotion 100 thousand entrepreneurs want to buy

"double 11" business day is open bell sounded, this year’s double 11 belongs not only to individual consumers, there are entrepreneurs interested in joining the promotion, that is provided by Ali cloud computing resources products across the board. At present, there are more than ten thousand innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises, said the purchase intention.

Tmall this year "double 11" set up a "double 11" special venue. Through the site, innovative start-ups and developers can be like online shopping, like milk, a single key to obtain the necessary resources for the construction of enterprise IT products and services. The envelopes, discounts, sweepstakes, decoding, seckill games, these aliyun version of "double 11" in everything. It is reported that the carnival is also equipped with the "cloud", "domain name and website", "cloud market" and "cloud" and "international" and "student station" six venue, almost all the products and services required for cloud users one-stop. The area in the cloud market, including access to more than 200, Chang InfoQuick partner 1000 products will be added to the carnival. At the same time, in the international special, new users can purchase the United States, Singapore data center computing products.

by cloud computing, the innovation enterprise can no longer purchase hardware server, access more convenient, lower cost of computing services, and the way through the cloud of thin, can quickly build Internet based IT architecture from 0 to 1, the early realization of entrepreneurial breakthrough. Second & small coffee show CEO Han had said publicly that the small coffee show from decided to do to complete the first edition of development, in just two days, participants are less than ten. From Ali cloud data show that 10 000 by aliyun official website to submit "double 11" purchase intention of the enterprises, mainly from the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hangzhou also includes a lot of entrepreneurial hot spot, the Midwest entrepreneurs. Therefore, cloud computing is no longer economically developed areas of "luxury", more and more remote areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, began to use its IT to break the shackles of cost, and other entrepreneurs at the same starting line.

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