How much money do you need to open a home textile store for your analysis

home textile products is essential in people’s lives, to open a home textile shop is very promising. Maybe you have to ask, how much does it cost to open a home textile shop? What need to pay attention to? For these problems, now Xiaobian for you to answer one by one.

1) in the downtown area of the city or in the leisure and leisure gathering rent a set of 100-200 square meters around the room;

2 store decoration need not be too luxurious, but to highlight the "textile" features, revealing a strong folk customs;

3) according to the characteristics of the textile and customer requirements can be set up more than a single room, and give these rooms give poetic or modern name;

4) to purchase large quantities of old wooden loom, a spinning wheel and other tools from the folk, from all over the country to purchase some handmade fabrics, such as: Miao batik, folk textile cloth, for customers to visit and enjoy or purchase;

5) how much does it cost to open a home textile store? Count on a variety of investment, 3-5 million to open shop business.


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