Effect of typhoon NEPARTAK of Fujian province Jiangxi 2

this year, more and more heavy rainfall in the country, to a certain extent, so that people’s lives and property safety has been severely persecuted. After the heavy rainfall, followed by the typhoon swept through, continue to wanton madness. The following Xiaobian together and understand, "typhoon NEPARTAK" of Fujian province Jiangxi 2.

7 month 10, 10 reporters learned from the Ministry of civil affairs, the first typhoon this year, "NEPARTAK" since 9, landing in Fujian, has killed 14 people missing, 203 thousand people evacuated, 449 thousand people were affected.

according to the local civil affairs departments to report, as of 10 May 17, typhoon NEPARTAK "caused a total of Fujian, Jiangxi 54 counties of 2 provinces and 10 cities (city, district) 449 thousand people affected, 6 deaths, 8 people missing, 203 thousand people evacuated, more than 2100 people need emergency relief life; nearly 1900 houses collapsed, damaged 11 thousand houses in varying degrees; crops affected area of 15 thousand and 800 hectares, of which 1 thousand and 600 hectares of crops; the direct economic loss of 860 million yuan.

according to reports, Nibert at 13:45 on July 9th in Fujian, Shishi landing, 10 at the age of 3 in the territory of Fujian province weakened to a tropical depression, and on the morning of 10 to enter the territory of Jiangxi Province, the territory of the people’s Republic of China in the territory of. Under its influence, from 9 to 10 in the morning, Fujian, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Sanming and Longyan local rainfall of 150 mm to 290 mm; 9 at night, the largest wind part instantaneous central Fujian, southeast coast of Zhejiang Province, Guangdong and other places in the middle of the 7 – 9 level, local level 10.

through the above information we can see that the effect of typhoon NEPARTAK "of Fujian province Jiangxi 2, has caused 449 thousand people were affected. In the face of natural disasters, human beings are extremely vulnerable! But as long as the military and civilian, positive face of natural disasters, effective prevention and preparation of follow-up measures, to a certain extent, reduce the loss.

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