How to operate the dried fruit shop

how to operate the dried fruit shop? A lot of franchisees are taking a good opportunity to dry fruit market, hoping to dig in the industry a good profit. If you want to learn how to run the business, then look at it. Xiaobian finishing some of the relevant information, I hope you can help.

upfront and store choice

a fruit shop, do not need too much upfront investment. General store investment in fifteen thousand yuan. Some simple decoration on the line, the cost of 2000 yuan; rent season to pay 2000 yuan; the purchase of electronic scales, customized storage barrels with dried fruit needs 1000 yuan; the first purchase is 5000 yuan; the rest is in addition to the relevant formalities, but also have a certain liquidity.


(4) per kilogram of dried fruit from a few dollars to tens of dollars, to pay attention to the price of fruit sales, understand their customer’s taste, targeted replenishment time to.

how to run the fruit shop? After the introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the problem. Starting from the process of the need to pay attention to the point of view, this shop is not very difficult to operate, the above business advice would like to help you, hurry up.

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