Choose clothing to join the agency model more money

clothing franchise business model there are many kinds of investors in the choice of entrepreneurship will certainly be able to understand in the end what models can be chosen. If you want to make money, which is more popular? If you don’t know, just take a look at it.

if you want to open a clothing store, how to open a specialty store, brand shop support is particularly important to choose a good clothing brand to join, is the success of the shop, make money fast guarantee. For clothing, the South and the north of the great differences in the size of consumers, preferences are also very different, if you choose the wrong brand and version, can only wait for a loss. Therefore, in the choice of clothing brands, in addition to the strength of the brand, reputation, join support policies, the more important thing is to be based on the size of the local people, choose the right brand management.

if you want to do clothing agent, agent characteristics of clothing is: do not bear the risk and cost of sales, without advance funds, usually in a deal amount, the agreed proportion of commissions, regardless of trading profit and loss.

looks like it’s a good way to make money as a clothing agent, but it’s not easy to be an agent. Sure you want to brand agent if there is a certain well-known brand, in addition to have sufficient funds, but also need to have successful experience of the brand; if there is no well-known brands, the threshold will be lower, but the open market is very difficult.

now, is very popular and popular online agent, for those who want to do online clothing agents, Shop consignment ills lies in the only product and the introduction of a simple product introduction. A lot of time to answer customer questions of all sorts of strange things. After all, the agency did not see physical products, did not understand the details of each piece of clothing, which requires agents to be familiar with the product or buy one or two pieces of clothing, in order to have a better understanding of the product and understanding.

clothing to join and agents, which model has more advantages for the apparel industry, the franchisee has more advantages than agents. Why do you say that?

1, supply. Franchisees have long-term supply, the product is more complete. For agents, the more money they purchase the more difficult the operation, usually the main push only a few or more than a dozen clothing styles, far less than the franchisee’s supply, high popularity.

2, business support and policy. Franchisee by manufacturers direct supply, for terminal sales are also very concerned about, will give full support and help, which is no way to enjoy the benefits of agents.

clothing to join agents of concern in the market, if you want to join the cause that make investment to understand more of each mode of commendation

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