Hand grabbing cake can also create amazing wealth

a lot of people think that only to save money to make their own sense of security, but when you are persistent in the money, some people are more willing to put money out of investment. Entrepreneurship is no longer the rich world, small business is to become the current investment boom.

you have been in the North Street Snack Street to eat Taiwan hand cake? This is less than 10 square meters of shop owner was actually a just graduated college students after 90. Yu Hua Pu third when grasping small cake boss, in two years the development of 4 stores, 1 processing plants and 8 stores, the annual income of 2 million 500 thousand yuan.

surrounded by so many people shop, why are customers to join? "These five or six guests are living signs. The customer may not know us, but look at the popularity, will attract them to early adopters." Yu Hua Pu said that snack bar cheats is to maintain popularity, the more the better business line.

"we used the pursuit of speed, people began a 6 loaves of bread." Yu Hua Pu said, do the first shop in 2011 this shortcut does not win customers. He went to Chengdu to visit the snack street, found similar snack bar boss always keep slow state. If the shop has been Paiqichanglong, don’t panic. Come to the customers in a continuous line, waiting for their delicacy.

of Pu Yu returned to Chongqing, began to ask the master once only 2 loaves of bread, and sometimes make a cake. This is a very good way to respond to the marketing, the cake to maintain the best taste, but the line of the guests more, the average daily sales of 400 cakes. Yu Hua Pu North shop was opened two months ago, although the rent paid 13 thousand yuan, but has become a living sign shop. The shop is now a month to sell 15 thousand loaves of bread, with this popularity, Yu boss ushered in the three new franchisees in the first month.

"each sell a dough to the franchisee, they earn 8 cents, we earn only 50 Fen, puerile." Yu Hua Pu said that in 10 months, 5 stores every day to buy at least 2500 dough, recommended

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