Xerox Co initiative to find the business skills curse

to find the curse, this is probably the one thing that many operators are unbelievable. However, if the strategy properly, was scolded at the same time, may be able to make a thorough improvement in business oh. In 50s, when the copier market is still popular traditional wet copier, this machine copy file is wet, but it took a long time to file will be dry, very easy to use.

in response to this problem, Xerox Co in 1960 to develop a new type of dry copier, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional wet copier, easy to use. However, due to the new product has just been launched, not for the majority of consumers to understand, but also in the early development of the company has invested a lot of money, there is no money to advertise, so the sales of products have problems.

how can we do not spend a penny to do propaganda, but also to the product smoothly to the market, so that the majority of consumers familiar with and recognized it? Wilson, the boss of the company, pondered the methods and countermeasures. Later, Wilson made a decision that was hard to imagine: he sold the copier at $29500 and did not provide any free maintenance! The production cost of the copier is only $2400, which is 12 times the cost of $29500! You know, the United States at the time of the law, any product pricing if more than 10 times the cost, will be banned from sale.

Behind the

, the government carried out decisively price intervention, and issued a ban. Major media in the United States also reported the news of the Xerox Co, accusing them of this unethical business practices, but also the new features of the dry copier published. In the unanimous condemnation, Xerox Co started new copier rental business in every big city in the United states. With the unique patented technology and media wantonly free publicity, Xerox Co has earned several times in the copier rental sales profit. In such a condemning, Xerox Co only in 6 years, will be the new copier turnover from $33 million to $530 million!

if you are still very conservative in the current business environment, I am afraid that the business can not be developed. In short, in the fierce competition in the business, and there is no static mode of operation. Not conservative, dare to abandon the ordinary mode of thinking, erratic, good at innovation, know how to use a variety of effective methods and means for their service, so you can at a minimum cost, maximum returns to a perfect effect. This is the initiative of Xerox Co to find the curse of wisdom.

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