The new agricultural beef noodle shop to join details

said Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef, you can think what the word? Taste, refreshing, meet. Spicy taste is beef noodle brand features. Beef noodle brand in Lanzhou is Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef fame resounded on both sides of the Changjiang River now has China, rise of the emerging power, that is the new agricultural beef noodles.

"the origin of the new agricultural" beef in Caidian new rural area, the development has been 30 years of history, is a pure natural food with stewed ancestral secret recipe with modern first-class processing technology combined with refined, mellow taste, tender meat, long aftertaste "brand characteristics. Beef stewed products series, products of the existing special fast food series, Hot pot series, beef sauce, canned beef series, leisure series and fresh food series, a total of more than and 50 varieties, with color aroma and taste, unique flavor, healthy green by consumers.

joined the new agricultural beef noodle

The towns of Wuhan

food limited company is Hubei Province Bureau of animal husbandry "12th Five-Year" during the key building of cattle and sheep industry leading enterprises, is one of the Wuhan municipal government finds the city’s agricultural products processing ten leading enterprises and twelve major agricultural products brand. The company has established a comprehensive quality management system, passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification and IS022000 food safety management system certification, is the provincial enterprise technology research center. The "new farmer" brand was China commercial quality supervision and Testing Center awarded the "food quality assured brand", "Hubei province famous trademark"; products Chinese Food Expo "gold", "Chinese food" title. By the China Food Industry Association authority statistics, new agriculture, beef, halogen products sales in the country ranked three. Then the new agricultural beef noodle shop to join


join conditions:

1, recognized headquarters enterprise and culture

2, accept headquarters management

3, with a certain financial strength

4, with certain operating capacity

5, food and beverage industry experience is preferred

join fee:

10-15 million

join process:

choose a new agricultural beef noodle shop franchise can apply online, applicants are required to submit the relevant data for headquarters to understand comprehensive assessment. Generally a few days to guide the audit results. After the application to join the need to sign up to join

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