A passenger to raise public college students of Rural Library

student entrepreneurs home is not only to promote the villagers to get rich, but also the advanced business philosophy and development philosophy spread to the country, so that more farmers will be able to see the outside world more benefit.

2014, after graduating from college, Wang Jinghui returned to his hometown, the establishment of Wang purification tea professional cooperatives, farmers market and build a communication platform. But in the entrepreneurial process, he found that some local villagers rely too much on the experience of tea, do not pay attention to learning to improve, resulting in uneven quality of tea. Some villagers have nothing to do every year after the autumn tea, the breeding of many bad habits. At the same time, the educational resources in mountainous rural areas are also scarce, and the children’s thirst for knowledge is not satisfied.

the congregation raised a rural library idea, this initiation.

in January this year, he found a convenient transportation, quiet and spacious idle tile, during the spring festival start to reform the housing. In addition to the public to raise the books resources, he also purchased projectors, computers and other multimedia equipment, hoping to create a small rural classroom. A month later, the library will be open free of charge, for Gaogang, Ge Zhu, Jin Zhu San village children to provide spiritual food, let the farmers can be charged at leisure "".

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