n the clothing industry the entrepreneur must not know the terminology

clothing industry entrepreneurs should be aware of the terms ", now in the business market, saying gehangrugeshan, people also have a lot of homework to do? Look at these "technical terms" what.

replenishment and single supplement: replenishment refers to on the new season after the subsequent purchase, including fill pin old version of the goods and the goods. Fill a single general is a batch of orders with the factory to do the old version of the goods.

is not their own production or distribution of roasted seeds and nuts, not their own single production goods, called roasted seeds and nuts.

stalls: precise point refers to a separated stall and counter. But in Guangdong, there are a lot of people in the shop also used to call the stalls.

tag: hanging on the clothes of cards or iron brands like, content and information, enterprise brand clothing, such as brand registration, certification, price, quality, commitment and return code conditions, some image spokesperson.

the price tag: the price tag, there is some factory, some dealers posted up.

two group: from a wholesaler merchant sold out wholesale roasted back.

imitation version known as copied version. Is to take someone else to sell the style, their orders to produce sales.

imitation brand: theft or imitate others trademark. According to the goods with the original brand close degree, generally divided into fine imitation, high imitation, imitation and imitation in low, and the corresponding argument is that, a super cargo, B goods, C goods etc..

mixed batch: different version, different colors, different sizes of goods mixed together to purchase wholesale.

Cuanhuo: refers to the control of the goods without the roasted seeds and nuts. Cargo control refers to the control of goods market to prevent more than two dealers appear within an area, to avoid vicious competition and lower prices.

cross quarter replacement: seasonal replacement, for example with spring and summer can not sell the goods to the home for the new autumn and winter, with the autumn and winter can not sell the goods to the home for the spring and summer of new goods.

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