The Ministry of culture market clearing Mobile Games pea pods, 14 Mobile Games platform for illegal

Release the twentieth batch of illegal Internet cultural activities and the results of Beijing on 28 May, the Ministry of culture recently. At the end of May, the relevant cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies have completed the administrative penalty of named pea pod and 14 mobile phone gaming platform in 10, a total of 113 thousand yuan fine, and ordered the relevant platform game violations and overhaul; the other 4 have also been investigated and punished, will soon complete the program administrative punishment. Following the end of 2013, the mobile phone network game market centralized clean-up regulation, the Ministry of culture in April this year, once again released a blacklist of illegal Internet cultural activities, focusing on cleaning up the mobile phone game platform operators containing promote pornographic content online games, or disseminate pornographic content contained in the network game promotion and publicity in the process. This is in recent years the Ministry of Culture issued the twentieth batch of a blacklist of illegal Internet cultural activities, named companies, including: Beijing Zhuo Yi Chang Technology Co., Ltd. (platform name: pea pod), Fujian brilliant Network Technology Co. Ltd. (platform name: 91 mobile phone assistant) 14 mobile phone game platform, and fun tour of science and technology limited company of group of 8 online game company. Violation of the game products, including the teacher to play the blue plane, ravaged actress and other 41.

Ministry of culture, the relevant person in charge of the cultural market, said, after a period of centralized regulation, the current hand travel market clean-up has achieved initial results. He also said that with the "Mobile Games" quickly became the Internet "gold", some game developers are driven by short-term interests, a large number of small network game development without technical content, and other content containing obscenity as a gimmick to attract game player, download; some mobile phone game platform on last game content strict, to obvious obscenity Game blind, leading to widespread illegal gaming, produced a bad influence to the social environment and the healthy growth of young people.

it is understood, the next step, the Ministry will take measures to increase supervision and guidance throughout the law enforcement of "supervision Mobile Games" market, continued to publish a blacklist of illegal Internet activity, crack down on the game content itself or with the promotion process to promote pornography and other illegal acts, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the social public morality and juvenile.

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