Lang Xianping, Taobao, China is not rich

The launch of the

Taobao is in industry China kill a lot of innovation, all products to participate in the competition only hit the price war, as a result, the original China fakes rampant market will lose its original power, "China creation" of the road may then become a teeter, stoop, ring in the world division of labor is not the most the value of


"Taobao for their own use its monopoly position in the online shopping market, major businesses detonated price war, thus takings. On the face of it, it is for the sake of online shopping buyers, in fact, hurt or buyers! "


hot online shopping will have many terrible things, look at those products sold tens of thousands, looking at the courier express feeling pile up like a mountain hand, a storm the feeling.


what is the way people shop in the future?

the vast majority of people will use the online shopping way to shopping. Online shopping goods, good and cheap, and convenient, really good.

adverse effects

large number of shops, clothing stores, tools, digital city, shopping malls, stores will be closed, even if the left is hard to support, to have surplus profits. The Internet often seen in Beijing Zhongguancun, Shenzhen Huaqiang North, before big market has slipped into recession.

a lot of retail shopkeepers are out of work, and a lot of salesmen and promoters are unemployed. Many landlords will not rent the shop owner. This part of the people are the first to be affected by Taobao, and the impact is the biggest and most direct.

Taobao will be how to develop?

small businesses will all die, at least ninety percent of the Taobao store will be dead, left Taobao merchants ten percent absolute super price war. Vicious spiral。

Taobao was set up to allow all sellers directly to consumers, reduce intermediate links, so that consumers benefit. This may be a good idea of the original, but Taobao evolved today it did not expect to develop into this. Will develop into the elimination of the entity middleman, and finally even manufacturers have to compete for a large number of survival. Many of China’s products have become almost no profit and have to do, and the product has emerged in the region of the false prosperity of the situation, even if the streets are sold everywhere, but no one profit.

even if the manufacturer can not be profitable, can earn a little money, because selling is too cheap. There are 9 pieces of goods packed in 9 cases. A product sold too cheap no winner. Sell more and do not make money business is immoral enterprise. When all the businesses are placed on the same platform above, there will be a competition too harsh situation, as in a town only open a supermarket, and you have to be two, three, four or five supermarkets in the same way, a supermarket can make money. "

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