Fake website selling cheap step by step set to cheat bank

      recently, Miss Pan in the online payment to buy bank debit card Mobile Recharge Card, to help the sellers earn points as an excuse to let her enter the number of debit cards and pay 0.9 yuan in the provision of "ALLBUY" in "agent platform, get a number, the seller set all sorts of trap, taking a password, the card will be nearly 2000 yuan of money to all associated with a bank debit card payment card. Fortunately, at the last moment, Miss Pan suddenly realized that he was cheated, did not say the verification code, crooks did not succeed.

        reporters from the "ALLBUY" website customer service department learned that they have recently received many complaints, in fact there is a person in the fake Web site, by acquiring a bank debit card number and password, and then transferred to the card money payment card, then from the online purchase of goods at a profit. The website to remind the user, we must look for the web site address, do not enter the bank debit card number and password.

        – deceived memories of low-priced goods to attract you step by step into the sets of

        according to miss pan, on Friday she plans to buy 100 yuan mobile phone recharge card from Taobao online, suddenly a "100 yuan Mobile Recharge Card sold only 83 yuan" advertising attracted her, then with the seller "Ginger" (a pseudonym) made contact for the purchase of 1 card. However, ginger son put forward to miss pan to the name of ALLBUY agency platform to pay 0.9 yuan for ginger son earn points. As long as Miss Pan through this platform to pay 0.9 yuan, he will send card to her, the rest of the money can be paid through the "Alipay".

        Miss Pan, although it felt a bit strange, but I would also like to 0.9 yuan, the seller agreed to the requirements. She logged on to the seller sent the web page, according to the prompts on the page to enter the payment card number and password. Strangely enough, the web page has always been prompted "password error".

        Miss Pan asked the seller in the end what is the problem, the seller proposed to miss pan to provide the bank debit card number, he can help query. "To each other when the debit card number, my heart ‘thump’ look, feel may encounter a liar, immediately terminate the transaction." Miss Pan recalls. A minute later, the seller also took the initiative to contact Miss Pan, or let her provide a bank debit card number, and claims that it may be a proxy platform out of the question. The other also specifically explained: only the card number is no password can not be transferred, so that Miss Pan assured. Miss Pan feel that the seller also makes sense, so the bank debit card number to each other. At that time, the seller had asked me whether there is a message to set up the business, in fact, because my payment card password and debit card password is

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