nventory of these years the birth of a new business model, Kam yellow flower occupation division an

I dark horse: driven by the new business model, a large number of new career demand has begun to surface. Career, is not already familiar with those routines. In minutes, you will meet someone who has never heard of it before, but it is a new one. The hotel staff member, children laugh experience…… Looks better than teachers, journalists, scientists what the trend of many, but is a cliche. Hakka translation of the Bible, game commentator, career surprise division, the division…… These? Whether can get into your fayan


can also make a person to run to earn money, Zhejiang 90 guy Lin Nan, while I work to give people to accompany the run. Fixed objects with four or five, are girls, one hour and 15 yuan. Monthly salary of more than 3000 yuan, but is willing to spend $500 a month to find him to accompany. Not only exercise but also the way to make money. You may have dreamed of doing a job that you can enjoy your life, enjoy your work, and be able to turn it right. Then, continue to immerse yourself, for your great dedication to work hard for life.

over the years, fresh career endless. The occupation name sounds very profound, very mysterious. Seems to be in the traditional occupation of a chaotic, revealing some light. I dark horse inventory in recent years by the new business model spawned wonderful job:

hotel experience division monthly salary of 10 thousand


if the tourism hotel do not go to the hotel, they were proud of the "fault", the occupation must be very cool. And Zhang Xinyan from Nankai University is such a legend of the hotel try to sleep, she is also a beautiful 90 after reading female doctor.

try to sleep as one of the work of the hotel experience division, on the one hand to do publicity to the hotel, on the other hand, it is necessary to put forward relevant views. From the beginning of last year to come into contact with this occupation, Zhang Xinyan has been sleeping at home and abroad dozens of hotel beds.

a few days ago, the Nankai University School of business management professional Bo two student Zhang Xinyan embarked on a journey to experience, this time she is staying in Wuxi Lingshan at the foot of a "meditation" as the characteristics of the theme hotel. Zhang Xinyan will release real-time experience, try to live the hotel features the use of micro-blog, but also to write a detailed report on the experience after the arrival of the hotel service, environment, health, price, food, transportation etc.. Today, the experience of the teacher’s report on the Internet, many tourists and business people can view, to find their own best accommodation.

olfactory discrimination monthly salary of 4000


in a "very good" program, behind a female guest screen label "fart smell division", see here Muzi tiger mother looked at him, then say: "you are going to do this?" the assessors, this name is too elegant. In foreign countries, it is more simply called "the stinky smell division". He especially Xian >

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