WeChat quick start tutorial Part5 public platform to explain the development model

This part mainly explains the WeChat public

platform development model, firstly explain that I am not a programmer, so this is not about programming code and the like, is not the development mode of instruction, after all the official WeChat has a detailed technical documentation (provided in the address of a document at the end of the article, but because we are developing) WeChat POP the marketing system, so I have some understanding of the pattern of development, these should be ready to try to understand the development of WeChat friends will certainly help, walk less detours part of it. If you have any questions or errors in this tutorial welcome to leave a message or contact me directly for correction.

first we have to clear the development model what can be done, what can not be done:

one, the development model can achieve the function of

1, you can receive messages sent by the user, the system developed by your own feedback to the corresponding content back.

2, you can receive the geographical location of the user sent, you can provide feedback through the location of nearby restaurant information or traffic information (such as high moral map)

3, through the event push, you can identify the user’s subscription to the public account and cancel the subscription operation.

4, the development model of the interface in addition to the feedback of graphic information can also be fed back to the user.

5, you can upload pictures, voice, video and other content through the common interface to the public platform, and you can call these materials.

6, can manage custom menu function. (the function is still in beta)

two, the development model can not be achieved

1, can not identify the user account name, can only identify a bunch of very long ToUserName, which should be WeChat’s public platform for user information privacy protection. So want to pull the user to manage their own platform it is impossible.

2, can not manage users or view the user’s personal data.

3, can not reply to a single user message, this can only be managed on the WeChat public platform.

4, the development model does not support mass messaging, which can only operate on the WeChat public platform.

current development model of the main application of the way:

1, WeChat is actually a browser, as long as you design and manufacture HTML5 mobile phone page, you can directly access through WeChat, which can bring us unlimited imagination. China Merchants Bank WeChat is through such a way to achieve query balance, mobile payments and other functions. China Unicom’s WeChat can check calls, check traffic and so on. Of course, in this way we can do more back-end function development.

2, WeChat built-in map positioning, you can achieve traffic around the situation, check the Annex Hotel Restaurant information.

3, can be used

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