58 city organizational structure adjustment many people will be involved in the promotion of new car


technology news March 9th morning news, 58 city days before the company’s organizational structure adjustment and related changes, and the establishment of innovative business group, the future will be involved in the new car business.

is reported that a total of 11 people involved in the personnel adjustment. Zhuang Jiandong, Zhang Chuan 2 was promoted to senior vice president; Song Bo, Xu Guipeng, Ye Bing 3 people was promoted to senior vice president; Cao Xiaodan, Guo Yi, white gull, Huang Wei and Wang Yan 5 solution promoted to vice president. Xing Hongyu added 58 new city Tencent depending on the product manager as senior vice president of the 58 city, in charge of technology.

the 58 city established innovation group respectively: classification information group (LBG), the real estate business group (HBG), second-hand car division (ABU), finance division (FBU), channel and part-time division (CBU) and 58 (DAO JIA) home.

at the same time, 58 city said the future will be involved in new car business. (Yangtze)

below is 58 city management personnel promotion and organization structure adjustment notice:

a, the president of the company to do research decisions, promoted the following personnel:

promoted Zhuang Jiandong, two senior vice president of;

promoted Song Bo, Xu Guipeng, and three senior vice president of;

, Cao Xiaodan, Guo Yi promoted baiou, Huang Wei, vice president of the Wang Yan five solution.

two, according to the needs of the company’s strategic development, the company’s existing organizational structure is as follows:

The establishment of

classification information group (LBG), under the jurisdiction of yellow division, recruitment department, business department, second-hand car division, and the classification of products, commercial products, strategic development department, Tianjin customer service center, product data Department; by the senior vice president of the company in charge of Zhang chuan. Cao Xiaodan is responsible for the division of yellow pages Management; Liu Yang is responsible for the recruitment department management solution; Wang Yan is responsible for the management of commercial products and customer service management center of Tianjin. Cao Xiaodan, Liu Yang, solution of the report to Zhang Chuan to the hospital of the State Council of the people’s Republic of china.

real estate group (HBG), with 58 city real estate and live off the entire business, under the jurisdiction of the new division, second-hand housing sales of second-hand housing, real estate products department, technology department, market operations, and data operations (BI) department; by the company’s senior vice president in charge of Zhuang Jian dong. Zhou Zhihui was appointed as general manager of the new division, responsible for house management department; Zhuang Jiandong served as the general manager of the second-hand housing sales office; Ye Bing is responsible for second-hand housing product management; real estate business group Xing Hongyu concurrently and live off CTO, responsible for the management of real estate; Wang Zhenguang served as general manager of market operation Department, responsible for the real estate business group market operation and management work; the appointment of Hu Jiandong as general manager of data operation Department, responsible for the real estate business group data operations management. Zhou Zhihui, Ye Bing, Wang Zhenguang, and Hu Jiandong report to Mr. Zhuang Jiandong.

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