Half a year to build the App one but the ad made explosion

July 2015, "sign for" launched the first short video in WeChat public number, called the "Twelve line" sign together, in a completely natural propagation, the views of more than 4 days 1 million. 10 months after the launch, the constellation for in WeChat, micro-blog, Iqiyi and other platforms have launched the animated short video more than and 30 to sign as the theme, about 3 minutes. Up to now, the maximum amount of a single set of more than 69 million, the total amount of video playback up to 650 million times.


within 10 months, the number of micro-blog fans do not sign ask "realized" from 0 to 1600000 growth, WeChat public number 100 thousand plus the amount of reading headlines almost everywhere. In May 2016, the "sign for" obtained from ener Angel Fund 9 million 600 thousand yuan angel investment.

interesting is that the above results for the constellation founder Wang Hongyi doesn’t ask, is the result of thought, did not expect, accidentally.

stop App, concentrate on advertising

Wang Hongyi is a typical serial entrepreneur, start a way to toss up to now from the age of 19, had founded two Internet products, namely online music website "fine music network" and acquaintances based picture sharing community "film show". Because the film show 4 years of operation has not been able to jump out of the pattern of WeChat, he decided to try another direction. Wang Hongyi’s own words, the serial entrepreneur has a child find nature, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid to challenge.



constellation for the core team is in the middle of Wang Hongyi

third entrepreneurial direction is not a whim, Wang Hongyi use their own advantages in data analysis conducted a comprehensive market research.


by means of technology in Baidu Post Bar, horizon, watercress and other crawling links, found after refining keyword: constellation of emotion, funny than the three topic, Tucao entertainment gossip than other content in high 5~8 times, and constellation emotion than the other two types of high 1~2 times.

Based on

data analysis to determine the "constellation" direction, Wang Hongyi’s idea is to do a professional astrologer App. He uses a network to find a professional master sign checks for the products of professional degrees, set up the technical team for the development of the astrological chart program. After half a year, the product line, the result is because of the high degree of professionalism and no popularity.

In order to promote

App, Wang Hongyi decided to use the media platform to do work content popularity nowadays hot. But even if the ads can not do the rest of the rest of the play, since the text, the text of these forms have been done, then make a short video. The team studied oil painting artist for two or three days, "Twelve line" to sign together.

"Twelve line" > sign together

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